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Jesse Wilson Juilliard Graduate

Now available for ongoing or single sessions

The primary focus points of Jesse's coaching are believability, making strong competitive choices, and individuality. One-on-one training with a master coach has proven over time to be the most productive method to tapping the actor's talents. (85 percent of today's successful actors have had private coaches.) Jesse custom tailors his program to match the level of experience, talent, skill and personal goals of each student--training not just for stage and screen, but life.

-Monologue PrepAration
-Improv Techniques, Timing
-Making "bold choices"
-Character Work & Dialects

Beyond the Stage:
-Cultivating Personal Responsibility
-Improving Self-Image
-Developing Inner Confidence
-Awakening the Artist Within

Working With Fear:

Confronting Limitations and Blocks, Converting Them Into Triumphs
Discovering New Paths, New Ideas, New Ways to Creative Expression

"You cannot teach a person anything. You can only help them discover it within themselves." - Galileo

Working with adults, teens, & children-every level of experience
"Jesse Wilson is an inspiring mentor and teacher. His captivating knowledge never ceases to amaze and encourage me. Jesse teaches in a way that creates an environment in which the student feels comfortable to be able to take risks and try things they've never thought of before. Jesse genuinely cares about his work with his students, and invests in them to help achieve depth in their training and goals. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with Jesse!"
--Ahren Victory, High School Student