Jesse Wilson Productions
The Night The Moon Ate My Room!Click here to see the book trailer.


Running time 50 minutes Grades K-8

After giving the worst violin recital of his life, and being laughed at by the entire school, Danny the Dreamer vows to never play music again. Later that night, when the moon enters through Danny's bedroom window, it shares with the boy the secrets of being a true artist, helping Danny re-claim his self-confidence, and the belief in his own dream.

"An engaging, creative, fascinating, and unusual mix of storytelling and music, highly recommended for elementary age children."
--Virginia Carlson, Children's Coordinator, Penrose Library,
Pikes Peak Library District
"'The Night the Moon Ate My Room!' was highly enjoyable, and a great change of pace from all the technology/TV filled methods of entertainment. Your 'strictly storytelling' approach was simply captivating. Thank you for providing this wonderful performance!"
--parent, CO

"Very, very alsome!"
--8 year old audience member (original spelling)
Face The City

Running Time 1 hour High School-College Audiences

A young actor's dream is realized when he's accepted into New York's famed Juilliard School - but the shattering news of a friend's suicide shadows his journey into the big city where he faces both exhilaration and temptation. Jesse Wilson's "Face the City" takes the audience on a wild ride, filled with biting humor and raw honesty, coming face-to-face with the harsh realities of his profession, and life - the greatest teacher of all.

"The writing, the performance, the incredible message... has such passion, conviction, muscle, and deeply moving poetic language. A must-see for any high school or college student."
--Craig Slaight, Associate Artistic Director,
American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco

"The most amazing part of 'Face the City' is the use of sincerely poetic language that tells this relatable story to students, allowing them to see the freedom and ownership that they have over their own lives. Our students were equally thrilled by the different characters brought to life by the mask work: the idea that a 'blank neutral mask' allows us to be anything we want to be really opened those thought provoking doors for the audience. It was wonderful."

-- Christy O'Connell-Black
Performing and Visual Arts Coordinator
Greeley Central High School